The Grooming Process...Four Steps

Many people are confused when their pet is at the groomers for an extended period of time…."I dropped them off at 8am, why are they not finished by now? It's noon!"  You may not realize there are many steps to the grooming process.  Unlike you would expect, grooming dogs isn't done "straight through" from beginning to end with a set appointment time. We ask that pets are dropped off during a window of time at the beginning of each day. To keep your dog as comfortable and calm as possible, it is important to be flexible with the grooming process. This means grooming will be broken into stages, with rest periods in between to minimize stress to your pet.


At drop off we will get any instructions on the services and type of cut that you would like and inform you of any issues that may make that particular groom impossible - such as matting, coat type or behavioral constraints.  We will set up a time for you to pick up your pup and verify the contact information so that we may call you when your pet is ready. While your pet is waiting for their turn for the first stage of grooming, they are offered a comfortable bed, water, and toys.  We always take into account anxiety issues, senior pets or health issues and these pets will be taken first.


Roughing In


This is the first stage.  It is called "roughing in".  At this point your dog will have tangles brushed out and have the first stage of their haircut. Often this may be when their nails are trimmed, ears are cleaned, and sanitary shave is done.  This stage can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour or more based on your dog's size, coat condition, and attitude towards grooming.   




Once your dog is roughed in, he or she will go right into the bath.  During the bath, the anal glands will be externally expressed, if needed.  We wash with a shampoo appropriate to coat type and health needs, condition the coat, comb out any bits on bottom or eyes, and check for any fleas or ticks while they are wet.  They will then be gently towel dried.


Drying Time


Most that find the forced dryer frightening enjoy or ignore our cage dryer.  This gives your dog the chance to  rest and relax while we begin roughing in and bathing the next dog.


The Finish


After your pup is dry, the last stage of grooming dogs is the finish.  We brush, comb and fluff the coat.  We then use clippers and scissors to get the groom as neat and as close to perfect as possible.


Once the groom is finished, your pet is offered a cozy bed and water and we call you for pickup.


We hope this helps you understand our process better.  Our goal is a positive experience for all!
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