Grooming prices are based on breed. Frequency of grooming, maintenance of dog/cat between grooming, variations in size of like breeds, density of coat in like breeds and cooperation of dog/cat could have a bearing on total cost.

For Pets’ Sake’s award winning high quality service has been recognized by Washington DC metro area magazines. 

Dog Grooming

A full groom includes grooming to breed standard (or your personal preference), nails, ears, pads, and anal gland expression. Please allow 2-4 hours so that we can wash, dry and cut hair.  Matting may require additional time.

Cat Grooming

We offer the following options with cat grooming....

• comb outs, no bath, nails, ears
• comb outs, with bath, fluff dry, nails, ears 
• lion clips with or without bath, ears, nails
• shave with or without bath, ears, nails
• sanitary only
• sanitary with tummy shave

Prices vary depending on coat and temperament.

Bath and Brushout

Some pets do not require a haircut so we offer a bath and brush out.  We offer gentle oatmeal hypo allergenic shampoos as well as special whitening shampoos.  We will also use your own vet recommended products if requested.  Price varies based on breed and size.


We use FURminator, a de-shedding process in which a special shampoo is applied with hydro-surge bathing to deeply penetrate skin and coat.  A special conditioner is then applied and massaged into the coat by hand for 10-15 minutes, rinsed thoroughly, dried by high velocity dryers and lightly finished with a special rake to a beautiful shine. $30

Walk In Appointments

The following services are offered on a walk-in basis for dogs and cats, no appointment needed.  Groomers typically leave for the day around 4pm.


Nail Trimming  and/or filing (dremel) is important for your pets well being.  There are health reasons for regulary maintaining your pet's nails. Long, unkempt nails not only look unattractive, but over time they can do serious damage to your dog (not to mention your floors).  With this service, there is always a small risk of some bleeding.  Regular trims can reduce the chance of bleeding but not eliminate the risk completely.  It is also helpful to avoid walking on the sidewalk immediately following a nail trim.  Trimming $18, Dremel $22 and $20 for cats.


Anal Gland Expression is a procedure which is performed on cats and dogs when fluid inside the gland builds and the animal is unable to express the fluid themselves. $25


Ear Cleaning  Gentle cleansing of ear canal and hair removal. $10


Sanitary Trim  Some pets never require such a trim but others are rather messy when they take care of business and need to be cleaned around their tails to maintain hygiene. $25


Dental Treatment   We use PlaqClnz, a zinc based oral hygiene treatment to help prevent tartar, plaque, and gingivitis. $15


We use high quality products when caring for your pet. We offer Oatmeal shampoo (for dry itchy skin), Medicated shampoo (for flaky skin), Flea Shampoo or Vet Supplied Shampoo upon request.